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The Dallas Willard Center for Spiritual Formation has provided an opportunity for us all to share how Dallas’ life and teachings have impacted us. We invite you to visit the Memorial Guest Book page, read the tributes and reflections, and perhaps share your own thoughts by posting a message in the memorial guest book.


O fair friend
mentor in all things
true, good and beautiful
the hole that is left open
is filled not
but with memories fond
regrets bearable
by the grace that flowed
effortlessly it seemed
from tongue and touch and teaching
thank you
again and again
for all
again and again
you did
with mind steeled
heart softened
by the same true Light
held forth in lectern and pulpit and pen
so take joy Master’s apprentice
for all who take joy in you
I do

Larry Burtoft
The Willard’s former pastor, student and long-time friend


USC PhilosophyVideo of the Dallas Willard Celebration of Life hosted by the USC Philosophy Department on October 4, 2013 is available on the Philosophy Department web page. The Willard family is extremely grateful to the staff of the Philosophy Department and the Office of Religious Life for this beautiful tribute.

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Together We Are Bringing Water For Life

Haiti Well

Many of you contributed to Water for Life, a ministry of LIFE Outreach International, in Dallas's honor. Your combined gifts funded an entire well in Haiti.

Thank you!

The well was drilled in mid-February in one of the many new tent cities, and is producing 4 gallons per minute. Your gifts are bringing clean water and better life to people in great need.


Haiti Plaque