PDF of the program distributed at the service:

Willard Memorial


Individual Speakers and Hymns:

Opening & Welcome - Jack Hayford

Greeting from the Family - Becky Heatley

Comments from Pastor Bill Dwyer

Hymn: Never Alone

Comments from Richard Foster

Comments from Larissa Heatley

Comments from J P Moreland

Video Moment with Dallas, with Lead, Kindly Light

Comments from John Ortberg

Hymn: May The Mind of Christ My Savior, with Benediction


Thank You!We are grateful for the tremendous amount of love and support that has come to us from all around the world since Dallas' passing.
You have all joined together to be the arms of Christ wrapped around us. Thank you.

We also want to recognize the efforts of those who contributed so much in helping us honor and celebrate Dallas' life:


Those Who Contributed to the Services:
Bill Dwyer
Steve Amerson
Kevin Avini
Leroy Chavez
Lynn Cory
Richard Foster
Jack Hayford
Dan Hicks
Jan Johnson
Nicki Laine
Keith Matthews
Gary Moon
J P Moreland
John Ortberg
Chad Reisser

The Choir Under the Leadership of Chad Reisser:
Monique Donnelly
Wendy Hinkle
Gretchen Lee
Michael Lee
Erica Reisser
Paul Reisser
Christy Semsen
Daniel Semsen

FlowersThe Webcast Team Under the Leadership of Kevin Avini:
Janet Aguirre
Jimmy Alioto
Victor Bonilla
Daryl Brown
Christine Callender
Manuel Mariscal
Christian Reyes
Elisabeth Reyes
Leanna Thompson
Norma Trask
Julian Webb

And all the pastors and staff of The Church on the Way and the Valley Vineyard
who graciously opened their facilities and cared for us so sweetly.


Many Thanks to You All!!!
Jane & John Willard
Bill, Becky & Larissa Heatley