The Divine Conspiracy ContinuedThe Divine Conspiracy Continued:
Fulfilling God's Kingdom on Earth

Co-authored by Dallas Willard and Gary Black Jr., this book is the sequel to The Divine Conspiracy and continues Dallas's series on the Kingdom of God by looking at God's plan to intervene in human history through His disciples who live out His calling in their life through their professions. To fulfill the Christian calling is not to remove oneself from the outside world and take shelter from its shortcomings, but to step into the world to lead and serve as agents of change. Dallas and Gary provide wise guidance on how to enter into our culture's leadership positions and transform the world from the inside out.

The material in the manuscript began in a course Dallas designed at USC called The Professions and the Public Interest in American Life. Dallas and Gary worked together with the concepts from the course and applied them to many different contemporary contexts for Christian leaders and professionals throughout our society. The manuscript was largely assembled prior to Dallas's passing in 2013.

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Table of Contents

Foreword: Remembering Dallas, by Gary Black, Jr.

1. God's Call to Leaders
2. Following the Good Shepherd
3. Leaders Who Follow the Shepherd
4. Servant Leadership
5. Moral Leadership
6. Moral Knowledge
7. The Common Goods
8. Illuminating the Good Life
9. Knowledge and Education
10. Economics and Politics
11. Business
12. Professionals
13. Healer, Lawyer, Priest/Pastor

14. The Kingdom of Our God

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