Hearing GodHearing God
Developing a Conversational Relationship With God

How do we hear God's voice? How can we be sure that what we think we hear is not our own subconscious? What if what God says to us is not clear?

Being close to God means communicating with him, and this communication is a two-way street—telling him what is on our hearts in prayer and hearing and understanding what he is saying to us. It is this second half of our conversation with God that is so important but can also be so difficult. How can you be sure God is speaking to you? The key is to focus not so much on individual actions and decisions as on building our personal relationship with our Creator. Hearing God is but one dimension of a richly interactive relationship, and obtaining guidance is but one facet of hearing God.

This updated classic, originally published in 1984 as In Search of Guidance, provides rich spiritual insight into how we can hear God's voice clearly and develop an intimate partnership with him in the work of his kingdom. The reader will learn that divine guidance goes beyond the anxious, sometimes neurotic, quest for "what God wants me to do," to having a critical role in my becoming a responsible co-laborer with Him, the kind of person He expects me to be. God is inviting us to reorganize our lives in a way that keeps us walking so closely with him that it becomes easy to know his mind and hear his voice.

Chapter one clarifies the tension in which Christians live, believing that hearing God is very important to our walk with him but at the same time lacking a confident understanding of how it works for the individual in practice. Chapter two removes some common misunderstandings about God's communications with us. Chapter three explains the various ways in which he is with us. Chapter four examines some objections to the very idea of God's communicating with individuals. Chapter five deals with the various ways in which he communicates and explains and defends the centrality of God's speaking— God's Word—to his creation and to the process of redemption. Chapter eight clarifies how we can be sure that we are hearing God. Finally, chapter nine deals with what to do on those occasions, sure to come, when God is not speaking—or at least when we are not hearing him.

Hearing God may be a daring idea—some would say presumptuous and even dangerous. But is it not, in fact, more presumptuous and dangerous to undertake human existence without hearing God? Dr. Willard's hope is that Hearing God will leave you with a clear sense of how to live confidently in a personal walk that is complemented by an ongoing conversational relationship with God.

228 pages, softcover from InterVarsity.

compiled and edited by Jan Johnson

Hearing God Through the Year In Hearing God Through The Year, Jan Johnson gives us the daily opportunity to read small, thought-provoking portions of Dr. Willard's Hearing God and guides us in ways to stop and ponder the Scripture and ideas presented. Each section closes with responses of prayer, meditation or reflection... opportunities to position ourselves to actually hear God and to allow His voice to shape our choices and encourage our hearts.

Jan Johnson has partnered in ministry with Dr. Willard in many ways and the Willard family is grateful to her for her wonderful work on this book.

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Hearing GodThis 6-part series features Dallas Willard in conversation with Richard Foster and John Ortberg as they discuss biblically based guidelines to hearing God's voice.

For Starters
A Word from Dallas
1. You Were Created for Intimate Friendship with God
2. What Hearing God Is Not
3. Trinitarian Fellowship
4. The Still Small Voice
5. Hearing God in the Context of the Kingdom of God
6. Hearing God as a Life

Includes group discussion guide.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: A Paradox About Hearing God
Chapter 2: Guidelines for Hearing from God
Chapter 3: Never Alone
Chapter 4: Our Communicating Cosmos
Chapter 5: The Still Small Voice & Its Rivals
Chapter 6: The Word of God & the Rule of God
Chapter 7: Redemption Through the Word of God
Chapter 8: Recognizing the Voice of God
Chapter 9: A Life More Than Guidance

Epilogue: The Way of the Burning Heart


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