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"Trust Dallas to give us apologetics for everyone in the manner of Jesus: desiring to serve not convince; discarding defensiveness and intellectual one-upping; respecting others as honest inquirers; answering questions we’ve secretly wondered about".
—Jan Johnson, author of Renovation of the Heart in Daily Practice and Abundant Simplicity

“I grew up in a Christian culture in which ‘defending the faith’ was carried out by using the Bible as a weapon. Anyone who challenged my faith was treated as an enemy. As an adult I discovered Dallas Willard. Unfailingly gentle and respectful, he transformed the apologetics of my generation as many of us ‘laid down our swords and shields.’”
—Eugene Peterson, translator of The Message

"Dallas Willard’s understanding of apologetics is revolutionary. It is at once more intellectually rigorous and yet more attainable and more humble and more tied to character than anything I have seen on the subject. What he describes is what Jesus actually did."
—John Ortberg, senior pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church and author of Soul Keeping

“Following in the tradition of C.S. Lewis, Willard advocates for truth, born on the wings of grace, and does so in the manner of a fellow pilgrim, keen to listen and to share."
—Stan Mattson, founder and director of the C. S. Lewis Foundation

"I have never seen a book remotely like this. It was Willard's habit to take an issue and cast it in a light that no one had thought of before; time after time, he does this here with key apologetical issues. And because he places apologetics against the backdrop of pastoral care, it makes it a practice everyone who loves people should master. This is essential reading."
—JP Moreland, author of The God Question

"Classic Willard: the gifted Christian philosopher answering hard questions--the questions so many people have about God, hell, the problem of evil, the nature of freedom, and the wonder of Jesus -- in an accessible style and with a gentle spirit."
— Chris Hall, Director of Academic Spiritual Formation, Eastern University

"A true master. Who else combined such profundity with such clarity and simplicity? Willard is sadly missed, but speaks on prophetically in this book."
—Os Guinness, author of Fool's Talk: Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion


Unlike many Christian authors and preachers, Willard encourages doubt as a way to building a firm foundation for faith. And he encourages civil discourse and respectful conversations with others about faith. What a concept. Readers of this book will find lots of ways to engage in such conversations.
—Bill Tammeus, former Faith columnist for The Kansas City Star, Bill's 'Faith Matters' Blog


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