The book of the decade.
Richard Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline


In the providence of God this book stands out as a sort of blessed serendipity in today's devotional literature ... It pleads eloquently for a renaissance of traditional spiritual disciplines among all Christians ... If that plea is heeded, there will be ... transforming consequences in both the church and society.
VERNON C. GROUNDS, president emeritus, Denver Seminary

Written with theological wisdom and hope ... A profound call to discipleship based on spiritual disciplines. With illuminating depth Dallas Willard awakens us to a forgotten truth, that transformation to Christlikeness is realized through taking on the 'easy yoke' of the disciplines. If you yearn for full participation in teh Christlike life, this book willl offer the insight and challenge.
Sue Monk Kid, author of God's Joyful Surprise

A strong call to biblical obedience and discipline, this book presents a fresh look at the eternal—and contemporary—relevance of the Scriptures ... The Lord Jesus Christ is beautifully lifted up as our complete and identifying model for such living. Here's a book that not only clearly teaches these basic principles for life on the highest plane, but also challenges us to reach even higher in our earthly pilgrimage.
Ted W. Engstrom, president emeritus, World Vision


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