Hearing God

This 6-session conference on Hearing God was led by Dr. Willard and Bill Heatley at St. Peter's Anglican Church in Birmingham, AL, on August 5-6, 2011.

Dallas also preached there on Sunday Morning, August 7th, on Eating the Flesh and Drinking the Blood of Jesus: The Substance of Jesus Through His Word.

KKLAHear Dr. Willard's 2009-2012 interviews on the Los Angeles-based Frank Pastore Show. Topics discussed include the presence of evil in the world, the history of Spiritual Formation, understanding the will, how prayer works, the nature of love, and why there is a hell.



Can Smart People Believe in God?

...That's what John Ortberg wants to know. So on the weekend of December 12-13, 2009, John asked Dallas a variety of tough questions about this topic during the worship services at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. They talked about different questions at each of four services, and the combined Q&A is available on video and audio on the MPPC web site.

Also from Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, listen to Dallas discuss The Heart of Worship with John Ortberg during a morning service in 2005.

Revive Your Soul

Dr. Willard's three sessions from the Tyndale University Pastors and Leaders Conference held in Toronto, Ontario, March 13-15, 2006 are available here:
  1. Christian Ministry As Life In The Easy Yoke: Soul Rest In What We Do With Christ [view presentation slides]

  2. Knowing What We Work With, and How It Takes “The Pressure Off” [view presentation slides]

  3. What We Must Do To “Abide in the Vine.” Our Practices for Soul Rest and Vitality [view presentation slides]

The Navigators' Discipleship Library

DiscipleshipLibary.com is being developed by The Navigators as an "online source for the very best in Christian discipleship training resources." They currently have thirteen of Dr. Willard's talks posted, and many other speakers you will want to hear.

Valley Vineyard Christian Fellowship

Hear Dr. Willard teach on Incarnation and Celebration, December 2007, and Progress in the Blessed Life in Christ, September 2009.


Bethel SeminaryBethel Logo

Recordings of Dr. Willard's "Spiritual Renewal Conference" on October 9-10, 2008 at Bethel Seminary in San Diego are available on-line from iTunes U. Topics include:

1. How the gospel of the kingdom of God (the Divine Conspiracy) sustains the moral life and provides understanding of good and evil (Matt. 7:24-27).

2. The heart and its place in spiritual transformation.

3.The “Great Omission” from the “Great Commission” and what churches and ministers can do about it.

Christian Audio Interviews

The Christian Audio staff interviewed Dr. Willard about his books Renovation of the Heart and Hearing God. Both interviews are available for download free of charge at www.ChristianAudio.com.



Baylor LogoBaylor Header

Recordings from the Baylor University Church Staff Retreat held February 23-24, 2004 may be downloaded free of charge from ChristianAudio.com.
1. Streams in the Desert and Wells of Living Water: Christ's Congregations as Fountains of Light and Life (Isaiah 43:19-21; John 4:10-14)

2. Finding the Kingdom of God Now, Though Jesus and His Words (Mt 6:32-33; John 6:63; 8:51-52)

3. Living Without Hurry and Worry in Such a Time as This (Phil 4:4-9; Ps 23)
Conference Theme: For Such a Time as This; studying the book of Esther.

The Church as a Community of the Kingdom of God

This 7-session conference led by Dr. Willard and Todd Hunter took place at Church of the Open Door in Maple Grove, MN, on November 4-7, 2004.



Dr. Willard spoke at the MacLaurin Institute, a Christian study center at the University of Minnesota, on November 5, 2004. His talk was titled "Moral Education in the Academy: Optional or Necessary?"



The Cross and Discipleship

Three sessions on discipleship, recorded May 8-10, 2003 at the "Pursuing Truth in Love" conference in Anaheim, California.

Session One: Discipleship and Your Cross
Session Two: What is "flesh"?
Session Three: Gospel and Salvation

The Cross and Discipleship Conference Handouts

The Veritas Forum's web page is a wonderful resource, making many great lectures available on-line. Five of Dr. Willard's lectures are included:The Nature and Necessity of Worldviews (UCLA, 2003), Nietzsche v. Jesus Christ (Stanford, 2002), The Genius of Jesus (which includes his discussion of "The Four Great Questions") and What Does It Mean To Be Human? (both from Ohio State, 2002. The Morally Responsible Skeptic (Indiana University, 1995). We have slides available from the 2002 conference if you'd like to follow-along as you listen: 'Genuis', 'Human'.


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

An MP3 file of Dr. Willard's closing address at the Following Christ conference on January 1, 2003 can be downloaded from the Following Christ 2002 website. The session title is "Expectation and Engagement."


You can download or listen on-line to six different sessions in the Wheaton College archives. Three from the Wheaton Theology Conference in April, 2009, and three from the Staley Lecture Series in November, 2001. (Two of the 2009 talks are also available on video.)



This was the first session of the Feeding The Homeless Mind series at UCLA in February 1992. You can download the Lecture and Q&A Session separately, but be warned that the Q&A will end suddenly because this was recorded on a 90-minute cassette tape. (Apparently there wasn't another tape available - a mistake no Trojan would have made.)

Apologetics in the Manner of Jesus

This is Dr. Willard's only recorded series on apologetics. Recorded in April 1990 at Grace Church in Los Alamitos.


Fathers and Sons
Audio from a father-son banquet at Panorama Full Gospel Foursquare Church in June, 1990.