Renovation of the Heart 13-Session Curriculum

LifeSprings Resources has developed a Christian Education curriculum based on Dr. Willard's Renovation of the Heart: Putting on the Character of Christ as part of their Curriculum of Christlikeness series. This thirteen-part study can be used for adult Sunday School or Bible Study groups of any size. Each session focuses on one chapter of Dr. Willard's book, but participants do not need to have read the book and are not required to read it because all the key concepts are discussed in detail even without it.

Each 20 minute video segment lets us listen-in as Dr. Willard teaches on the human personality and how it can be transformed into Christlikeness. He then participates in a brief 3-way conversation with John Ortberg and Larry Crabb that will begin a discussion to be continued among the members of your class or study group. Portions of the session on "Transforming the Will" are available on YouTube.

An exceptional set of Leader and Participant Guides, written by Gary W. Moon, accompany the videos. The Participant Guide includes Central Truths and Exercises for each subject, followed by discussion questions on the video lecture, video conversation and the original book. Each chapter closes with a Bible Study and Transforming Exercises for our thoughts, emotions, will, behavior and social interactions.

The Leader's Guide contains everything you need to be an effective group leader: materials to open each session with an overview and warm-up, tips and suggested questions for leading discussion, lists of Key Terms discussed in each video segment and references to other books where these concepts are also discussed. Recommended reading lists are included for those who wish to dig even deeper.

The Curriculum Kit (DVDs and Leader's Guide) is being sold for $39.95.
Participant's Guides are available at $4.95, or $3.95 in groups of 12.