Vineyard Anaheim 

Knowledge for Life: Learning to Trust and Grow in Spiritual Knowledge

On April 17, 2010, Dallas Willard taught five sessions at on how growth in moral and spiritual knowledge is integral to the flourishing of Jesus’ disciples in this world. Purchase a media card for this conference and gain instant access to downloadable mp3 audio and a 40+ page study guide. The topics of the talks include:

  1. How Knowledge is Related to Biblical Faith and Spirituality
  2. How and Why Christian Spiritual Knowledge is Assaulted by Secularism
  3. How Knowledge is Related to Desire
  4. How Knowledge Contributes to the Christian’s Public Presence as a Witness about God and Reality.
  5. The Importance of Communities of Love and Knowledge.

The resourceful Study Guide includes the following features:

  • A succinct summary paragraph of each session.
  • A helpful and detailed outline of each session (different than the conference handout).
  • Strategic discussion questions at the end of each session intended to enhance interaction with the content and encourage learning.
  • Specific intentional formation exercises useful for applying the content as individuals or as a small group.
  • Helpful reading topics for where to expand your learning of what Dallas has written on the topics for each session.
  • Recommended, supplemental sources by other authors to further strengthen your knowledge of what Dallas discussed.

To purchase, please call the Vineyard Anaheim’s Book Cellar at 714-777-5400 or e-mail

Audio Books

Hearing God
An unabridged recording of Hearing God, read by Grover Gardner, is available in CD, MP3 and downloadable formats from Hovel Audio. You can hear a sample and find out more at Approximately 10 hours in duration.


The Divine Conspiracy
This two-cassette set is not a complete reading of The Divine Conspiracy, but a shorter version edited by HarperCollins and read by Dr. Willard. Total listening time is 3 hours. Available at
[Audio excerpt]


Renovation of the Heart
An unabridged recording of Renovation of the Heart is available from Christian Audio. This 12-hours set, narrated by Dr. Willard, is available in CD, MP3 and downloadable formats.

During a break while recording the book, the Hovel Audio staff interviewed Dr. Willard about Renovation of the Heart. The Interview is available to download free of charge on their website.


2005 Renovare Conf

The New Testament Theology of the Church The Foundation for the Spiritual Formation Community
The With-God Life in Church Community Track, session 1, June 19

Plain People Lifted into God's March Through Human History: The With-God Life Under the Hebrew Covenant
General Session #2, June 20

No Longer Alone With God as Jesus in the Eternal Kingdom - Now: The With-God Life Under the New Covenant
June 20, 2005, General Session #4

See the complete list of conference recordings at the MediaTech website. CDs $8, Casettes $8, DVDs $15



The Renovaré On-Line Bookstore includes many of Dr. Willard's audio recordings, audio books and printed books.

To learn more about Renovaré, see How Is It With Your Soul? by Keith Matthews.

Youth Specialties

Tapes and CDs from the 2004 National Pastors Convention include Dr. Willard's 8-hour critical concerns course: The Great Omission from the Great Commission - and How to Fix It (#SD04-012) and his elective seminar: Atonement in the Spiritual Life (SD04-027).

Also available from the 2003 Convention are the 8-hour critical concerns course: The Contemporary Belief System as Prison, and Jesus the Savior (#009), and elective seminar: Taking the Kingdom of God to the World of Government and Business Today (#025).




C.S. Lewis Conference

Recordings from the C. S. Lewis Conference held April 17, 2004, at the The University of Texas in Austin are available from:
Reliable Communications, Inc.
P. O. Box 459
Cedar Park, TX 78630-0459

The conference theme was "C. S. Lewis and Ethics in a Post-Enron Age," and Dr. Willard's topic was "Beauty and the Nature Above Nature in C.S. Lewis' Abolition of Man." Cost is $10 for either a tape or a CD (please specify) Price includes mailing costs.


Spiritual Formation Forum, May 19-21, 2004

Dr. Willard's session on "Redeeming the Time in Church: How to make our efforts in local congregations count toward spiritual formation in Christlikeness," is available through MediaTech Inc. [details]
View the presentation slides

Knowledge of Christ in Today's World

This 8-session series recorded in 2003 is available on the Heart Mind and Soul website.


  1. How People Perish for Lack of Knowledge
  2. Knowledge of God Today: How it is Possible
  3. Understanding the Opposition to Knowledge of Christ in Today's World
  4. The Bible as Indispensable Source of Knowledge: The Best Knowledge on the Most Important Topics...on Earth
  5. Reason in Human Life and Religion. How Education Fails. The Redemption of Reason
  6. Moral Goodness and the Degredation of Morality by Desire and Human Supremacy: What Happened to Moral Theory in the 20th Century
  7. Life and Spiritual Life: The Spiritual and the Non-Spiritual Person. Spiritual Life from Christ Makes Moral Goodness Easy
  8. The Mission of Christ's People on Earth and Beyond: Being Ready for Forever

Campus Crusade for Christ

The following titles are available from the 2002 and 2004 National Faculty Leadership Conferences

  1. How University Faculty Teach Morality
  2. How Moral Knowledge Disappeared from Campus and Culture
  3. Jesus as Savior and Teacher
  4. Worship and Holiness
  5. Nihilism and Moral Theory in the 20th Century
  6. The Recovery of Self-Knowledge and Moral Insight Today
  7. Who Is a "Good Person" According to the University Now?

Church of the Open Door, Minneapolis

The Church of the Open Door has CD sets of Dr. Willard's teaching from 4 conferences:

"The Church as a Community of the Kingdom of God", 7 CDs (2004 conference with Todd Hunter).

"Walking in the Character and Power of God," 11 CDs (2004).

"Kingdom Living: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life in God," 5 CDs (2000).

"Disciplines of Kingdom Life," 4 CDs (2000).

Fredrikson Lecture Series

Three cassettes are available from the Fredrikson Lecture Series given in Sioux Falls, SD on October 11, 2002:

1. Jesus - The Master of Art and Intellect

2. Renewing the Mind Through Intellect and Worship

3. The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge in the Modern University, and What We Can Do About It

This conference also included three sessions with Richard Foster, which we highly recommend as well.

Contact Mary Mortenson for ordering information.


The Valley Vineyard

Two excellent 6-part teaching series are available from the Valley Vineyard's on-line bookstore in CD and DVD formats. These were recorded in 1999 and 2003. See our Video page for full details on each series.

Regent College Bookstore

Recordings of three different conferences in 2000 include the topics of
1. Leadership and Spirituality (9 hours)
2. The Unnecessary Leader: Leadership for the Whole People of God (2000 Leadership Conference - 8 hours)
3. Spiritual Formation Meets the Gospel (1.3 hours)




Mars Hill Audio Journal

"Training Church Leaders" includes a discussion of the diagnosis and treatment for the malaise of the contemporary Church (which is producing more consumers than disciples). This is from Mars Hill Audio journal Volume 36 January/February 1999, listed in a rather large catalog (about 1/2 way down).


Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Dr. Willard taught from his book, The Spirit of the Disciplines, on March 14, 1998, at the Ockenga Institute Shoemaker Center for Spiritual Renewal. His three sessions are available on CD at the Gordon-Conwell bookstore. Session titles:
1. Changed Lives: Is it Real? What Does it Mean?
2. Case Studies from the Sermon on the Mount.
3. Planning for Transformation into Christlikeness.


Apologetics in the Manner of Jesus

This 5-part series, recorded in 1990, has inspired a book on apologetics that will be published in February 2015. Hear the audio and download the conference handouts.