These three sessions were for pastors, chaplains, and lay leaders who are on the front line making disciples.

What We Do When We Minister: The Apostle Paul as a Case Study

Being and Making Disciples

Pastors as Teachers of the Nations

Notes Pages - A single notes page for each of the three sessions.


Click the links below to view the notes from each of Dr. Willard's one-hour sessions at the 2006 CCCU International Forum on Christian Higher Education. Audio tapes are available from SoundWord Inc. at

Measuring Matters Of The Heart: Spiritual Formation In The Age Of Accountability
Pre-Conference Session: March 30, 2006

GRADUATING "GOOD" PEOPLE: How Do We Facilitate Character Formation and Teach Morality in Today's Christian College?
Breakout Session: March 31, 2006

CHARACTER AND CURRICULUM: The Impact of Classroom Content on Spiritual Formation
Key Issues Session: March 31, 2006

Revive Your Soul
Toronto, Ontario
March 13-15, 2006

#1 - Christian Ministry As Life In The Easy Yoke: Soul Rest In What We Do With Christ
#2 - Knowing What We Work With, and How It Takes “The Pressure Off”
#3 - What We Must Do To “Abide in the Vine.” Our Practices for Soul Rest and Vitality




Epicenter: A Forum on Global Christianity
Baptist General Conference of Texas
January 28-29, 2005


Renovation of the Heart
St. Aldate's church in Oxford, May 29, 2004



Transforming Discipleship
Spiritual Formation Forum
Los Angeles, May 19-21, 2004