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Veritas ForumOne of Dallas's last speaking opportunities was at the Claremont Veritas Forum on February 12, 2013. Video and audio are both available from Dr. Willard's lecture on What Skepticism is Good For.



On-Line Listening

DVD Curriculum Series

Divine Conspiracy DVDThe Divine Conspiracy
Jesus' Master Class for Life

Gracefully weaving biblical teaching, popular culture, science, scholarship, and spiritual practice into one cohesive group DVD study, John Ortberg joins Dr. Willard in showing us the necessity of making profound changes in how we view our life and live out our faith. Based on the Sermon on the Mount and The Divine Conspiracy, Dallas and John extend a call into a more authentic faith, offering a practical plan of action for those who wish to answer the call.

This six-session DVD curriculum reveals a revolutionary way to experience God … by knowing Him as an essential part of the here and now, rather than only as a part of the hereafter.

View SampleSession Titles:
1. The Divine Conspiracy
2. The Path to a Blessed Life
3. Becoming a Good Person
4. Treasuring What Matters Most
5. Becoming a Community of Prayerful Love
6. Living as a Disciple of Jesus

Leader's Guide and Participant's Guide are included.
Available from Zondervan or your favorite on-line bookstore.

The Curriculum of Christlikeness series is designed to facilitate the experience of authentic transformation as we strive to become more like Christ. Four curriculum packages are available, and plans for Hearing God and The Divine Conspiracy are underway. Learn more about the series at the LifeSprings website. We highly recommend these studies for any adult Sunday School or Bible Study group.

Part I - God Views, featuring Curt Cloninger. How we view God affects how we are able to relate to him. In this 12-part series, you will examine six of the most common false views of God, and four true pictures, with exercises designed to help you enter into more intimacy with your heavenly Father.

Part II - Renovation of the Heart, featuring Dallas Willard, with John Ortberg and Larry Crabb. A 13-part series designed to help Christians develop inward Christlikeness by focusing on the six different components of our selves: thoughts, emotions, will, behavior, social relationships, and soul. [MORE]

Part III - The Celebration of Discipline, featuring Richard Foster.
13 sessions on how to experience authentic transformation through engagement with classic Christian Disciplines. Long-time friends, Dr. Willard and Dr. Foster had the Richard and Dallasopportunity to spend a day together discussing the use of Disciplines on the path to becoming more like Christ. Portions of their conversations are included along with Dr. Foster's teaching sessions and discussions with other leaders in the Renovaré movement.

Part IV - Streams of Living Water, featuring Richard Foster. This 13-part curriculum helps Christians experience formation in Christlikeness through engagement with six great traditions of Christian life and faith. Contents include:

  • Six motivating presentations by Richard J. Foster
  • Seven conversations between Richard Foster and John Ortberg, Jack Hayford, Emilie Griffin, Juanita Rasmus, Glandion Carney, and James Bryan Smith
  • Candid conversations between Richard Foster and Dallas Willard about the importance of each stream in their lives and for the work of the kingdom
  • Audience questions and answers with Richard Foster
  • Practical exercises that explore the traditions

Hearing GodPart V - Hearing God, a 6-part series featuring Dallas Willard in conversation with Richard Foster and John Ortberg as they discuss biblically based guidelines to hearing God's voice. Includes group discussion guide.

For Starters
A Word from Dallas
1. You Were Created for Intimate Friendship with God
2. What Hearing God Is Not
3. Trinitarian FellowshipView Sample
4. The Still Small Voice
5. Hearing God in the Context of the Kingdom of God
6. Hearing God as a Life

The first conference honoring Dr. Willard’s work in philosophy was held at Boston University on November 6-7, 2015. Video of all 12 presentations
are available on-line courtesy of the Dallas Willard Center. The conference organizers (Walter Hopp and Steve Porter) and many of
the other conference speakers are Dr. Willard’s former students.
Their topics addressed the central themes in his work.
[Watch Now]

Dallas Willard Conference

Co-sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation, the Boston University Center for the Humanities, and the Dallas Willard Center.

Speakers: J.P. Moreland, Aaron Preston, Steve Porter, Erin Seeba, Brendan Sweetman, Gregg Ten Elshof, R. Douglas Geivett, Brian Glenney, Walter Hopp, Burt Hopkins, Greg Jesson, and David Kasmier.

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Willard Words

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Fellowship and Study Opportunities

A listing of church or fellowship groups participating in the Curriculum for Christlikeness series or studying the concepts in one of Dr. Willard's books in another way.


Conference Notes

Conference notes or PowerPoint slides from some of Dr. Willard's presentations are available on this page.