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Dr. Willard had the privilege of discussing his book, The Divine Conspiracy with James & Betty Robison on Life Today TV. (They also talked about chocolate cake and shooting out street lights.)

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Thursday, October 13, 2011

View Dr. Willard's Sunday morning sermon on Being Church, and the Q&A afterward on the following topics: What is the "Default System"?, Parenting and Spiritual Disciplines, Happy Students of Jesus, Eternal Living, Dallas' Personal Daily Practices, and Consumerism and the Exaltation of Self. Recorded at Tree of Life Community Church in Orange, CA, on August 14, 2011.

Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

MPPCA Conversation on Pain and Suffering

A conversation on November 20, 2011, with John Ortberg and Dallas Willard about how pain and suffering in our lives are reconciled with the idea of a loving God. [Watch now]

Can Smart People Believe in God?

...That's what John Ortberg wants to know. So on the weekend of December 12-13, 2009, John asked Dallas a variety of tough questions about this topic during the worship services at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. They talked about different questions at each of four services, and the combined Q&A is available on video on the MPPC web site. [Watch now]

Also from Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, listen to Dallas discuss The Heart of Worship, with John Ortberg, Nov. 13, 2005.


Healing the Heart and Life by Walking with Jesus Christ Daily


In this series of six studies in the reality of spiritual life here and now, Dr. Willard discusses how to do the things Jesus did and said, and explains how patient apprenticeship to Jesus leads us into the fullness of life for which God made us.


Series Outline:
  1. How our hearts and lives are broken and the promise of healing.
  2. Understanding the will and the mind, the center of brokenness and of healing.
  3. Out of the furnace of feeling. Escaping the tyranny of feeling, passion, emotion.
  4. The broken body and its social world. Healing the family and its wounds.
  5. The restoration of the soul. “He restoreth my soul.”
  6. Living wholeness of life in the Kingdom and Power of God. Questions and Answers.

Recorded in the Fall of 2003. Available exclusively from the Valley Vineyard in VHS ($119) or DVD ($159). Audio CDs also available ($38).


Stanford 2002

Nietzsche vs. Jesus Christ


UCLA 2003

The Nature and Necessity of Worldviews


Louisiana State University 2008
The Value of Truth, and What Happens When U Don't Have It

Hearing God Curriculum

Hearing God DVDInterVarsity Press recently released a 6-session Hearing God DVD Curriculum. With this DVD you and your group can listen-in as John Ortberg and Richard Foster dialogue with Dallas on the themes of Hearing God. A small-group discussion guide written by Gary Moon is also included, making it easy for group leaders to lead discussion after the video.

Read the book together, and then bring Ortberg, Foster and Willard to your next meeting. You might be surprised at what you hear when you really start listening to God in community.

View the Promotional Video

View part of Session One

The With-God Life

The New Testament Theology of the Church The Foundation for the Spiritual Formation Community
The With-God Life in Church Community Track, session 1, June 19

Plain People Lifted into God's March Through Human History: The With-God Life Under the Hebrew Covenant
General Session #2, June 20

No Longer Alone With God as Jesus in the Eternal Kingdom Now: The With-God Life Under the New Covenant
June 20, 2005, General Session #4

See the complete list of conference recordings at the MediaTech website. CDs $8, Casettes $8, DVDs $15.

Kingdom Living:
It's a Wonderful Life!


Considered a follow-up to The Divine Conspiracy, these six lessons taught in 1999 will bring you closer to your discovery of Kingdom Living.


Session Titles:

  1. Living in the Kingdom of God is Walking in the Character and Power of God.
  2. The Kingdom of God as the Basis for Death to Self
  3. How to be In the World but Not Of It.
  4. The New Kind of Human Life and It's Community
  5. Learning Love
  6. The Word of The Kingdom as Life Force - How to Respond

Available from the Valley Vineyard on DVD for $159.
Audio CDs also available for $29.

The Monvee leaders asked Dr. Willard questions about what life in the Kingdom of God is supposed to be like. What is church supposed to be? Does guilt have any value? What is repentence? What does redemption mean, and what does it have to do with life? Who should have dominion over OUR kingdom?

View this 16 minute video free of charge on the Monvee site.


Search for Dr. Willard on YouTube and you'll find a large number of lectures, classes and interviews including ...

  1. e4 classThe Divine Conspiracy, 12 sessions recorded during the Harvey Fellows 2007 Summer Institute.
  2. Sessions from the 2011 Talbot School of Theology Faculty Retreat on the topic of Biblical Wisdom for the Business World.
  3. Portions of several of the Curriculum for Christlikeness videos from LifeSprings.
  4. Renovaré conferences, Catlyst West, Veritas Forums and much more.